Full Engagement

The six key factors to full engagement

You don’t hire a hand, the whole person comes to work! Paying attention to the human context, getting to know about one’s family, friends, spirituality, economics, even health, helps us better understand the person. It provides the framework for candour, trust and accountability in our … Read more

Failing our way to success…

Failing is an inevitable part of our lives. We experience it from a very young age. As we take our first steps, we fall…but we get up again and keep at it until we master the art of walking! And that pattern continues as we … Read more

Is servant leadership worth the effort?

To read the full article subscribe to our newsletter. Practicing management over more than two decades has resulted in numerous insights. In fact every day, we learn from our clients, our peers and the world around us. We believe in sharing these insights and welcome … Read more

Winning isn’t everything

Winning isn’t everything – It’s just as important to follow the compass as it is to check the clock when pursuing our personal best.