9 Questions to ask of your organisation on a regular basis…

If we started from scratch today… …would we be doing what we are doing now? …would we have the same people as we do now? …are we happy with how we go about doing what we do? These are all good questions to ask ourselves frequently. And there’s no better time to do so than at the start of a new year. When we ask our clients these questions, we often experience inflection points in their strategy, people, and performance. The greatest cost we pay is often the opportunity cost of something more important. This is where strategic abandonment becomes … Read more

Full Engagement

The six key factors to full engagement

You don’t hire a hand, the whole person comes to work! Paying attention to the human context, getting to know about one’s family, friends, spirituality, economics, even health, helps us better understand the person. It provides the framework for candour, trust and accountability in our working relationship. For we are all unique – not just in our character, communication modalities, emotionalities, affinities and strengths – but also in how we engage with each other. Many organisations still have a narrow view in this regard, limiting employment terms to a salary package, when in fact most seek a far more comprehensive … Read more

How to address concerns in the work place…

Addressing concerns in the work place can be uncomfortable. We all like to be liked – especially at work, where we spend most of our waking hours. So most of us tend to avoid conflict. To postpone the difficult conversation. Or at worst, not have it at all. This, somewhat universal propensity to avoid candour, often leaves the offender unaware of his/her faults without being given an opportunity to alter their conduct. It is not uncommon for people to be notified of their failings or even non-performance for the first time just prior to being terminated. From an organisational perspective, … Read more

Trust & Vulnerability – The secret to indomitable teams

Of the six core values necessary for performing teams, Trust & Vulnerability form the foundation. In their absence, there can be no meaningful relationship between humans. Not only are these two critical, their symbiotic interrelationship makes it impossible for one to function without the other. Together with Candour & Communication and Commitment & Accountability they round out the necessary rules of engagement for any team. The Power of Trust Amongst them all, trust is the most powerful. Trust inspires. It brings out the best in people. It raises people up. It transforms. As Jean Valjean sings in Les Miserables’ Valjean’s … Read more

Commitment & Accountability – the key to unstoppable teams…

Following our last note on Candour and Communication, we turn our focus to the next set in our core values of performing teams: Commitment & Accountability. Commitment Commitment in this context refers to the person’s contribution to the team and the organisation’s purpose. Whilst accountability is about meaningful ‘controls’ (measurements) to authenticate that commitment. Based on the premise that every individual brings with them unique strengths which must be maximised to achieve performance, commitment requires identifying what they are and how they will be employed. Conversely, there is a need to understand each person’s weaknesses to ensure they are supported … Read more

The power of strategic abandonment

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The six core values of performing teams…

What is the secret to performing teams? What are the key ingredients to a successful team…in professional sport, organisations of all kind, even families? We are often asked this question in our practice. The short answer is: lots of factors! Otherwise, everyone would attain elusive results. Almost like a golf swing, numerous little things go into a achieving excellence. For context, we believe values form the building blocks of organisational culture. Clearly defined behaviours and adherence to them is fundamental to nurturing the desired culture. In this article, we focus on the six core values or behaviours that must be … Read more

The pursuit of goodness…

What is our defining purpose?

Amidst this fast-paced world where we feel we are are either fighting for survival or competing for success we may sometimes lose sight of the end game.

Are we paying enough attention to the “Why”? Our Purpose!

In an earlier article we asked: How will we lead our lives?

The sum total of our efforts. Everybody in their life will leave behind a body of work – It is important to reflect on what that would look like.

The pursuit of goodness is a natural extension to that question.