The three causes of conflict and how to address them…

Our work to date on performing teams relies heavily on three key functioning behaviour sets: » Communication & Candour » Trust & Vulnerability » Commitment & Accountability Embracing candour or frank, challenging, and sometimes confronting conversations is crucial to success. We have been proselytising an empathetic approach to candour where … Read more

Father’s Day 2022

There are few pursuits more purposeful and important than the call to fatherhood, for those blessed with that calling. A good father shapes not just the generation he’s responsible for but many that follow. Whilst worldly affections such as money, career, status, fame, importance, social standing and influence can be … Read more

Balancing Efforts & Results

In the end, it all boils down to effort! We have long argued that as individuals we will always be limited by our biggest weaknesses, but in teams, we can perform to our greatest strength. In environments where there are high levels of trust and vulnerability, each person can feel … Read more

The Power of One-on-One Meetings

Following our previous insight on The Manager’s Diary we have had numerous requests for a more detailed article on what should be discussed in a One-on-One meeting. This article is part of our wider consulting framework. If you’d like to know more please contact us on One cannot hire … Read more

The Manager’s Diary

What should the focus of a manager be? How should a manager’s time be spent? These are questions we get asked quite often in our work. Whilst everyone’s role is different and the answers can vary a lot, there are some common themes worth considering. We have taken a weekly … Read more

The three critical imperatives for cultural change

Excerpt 1. Clarifying values but more importantly explaining the reasons for them, how they connect to the organisation’s purpose to performance. 2. Correlating values to behaviours – what actions represent the values – and the more unique, identifiable even outlandish the better. 3. Are the leaders living the values, are … Read more

Full Engagement

The six key factors to full engagement

You don’t hire a hand, the whole person comes to work! Paying attention to the human context, getting to know about one’s family, friends, spirituality, economics, even health, helps us better understand the person. It provides the framework for candour, trust and accountability in our working relationship. For we are … Read more

How to address concerns in the work place…

Addressing concerns in the work place can be uncomfortable. We all like to be liked – especially at work, where we spend most of our waking hours. So most of us tend to avoid conflict. To postpone the difficult conversation. Or at worst, not have it at all. This, somewhat … Read more