Strengths and Weaknesses

It’s the individual’s responsibility to maximise strengths whilst it’s the manager’s responsibility to minimise tweaknesses by providing support structures to compliment them. There is a tendency amongst many managers to focus on weaknesses of employees and constantly try to improve them. We believe addressing weaknesses is an individual pursuit and … Read more

Good manners please

Good manners are the grease that keeps the moving parts in all organisations working together smoothly and efficiently. This applies to as much to management as it does in society. I’ve always insisted on this in every organisation I’ve managed – starting with swearing. There is no room for it … Read more


Whilst management is often focussed on doing new things…commencing new strategies it also useful to consider the process of strategic abandonment. In business and in life I practice strategic abandonment. What is it that we are doing at present that we must stop doing? What systems, processes, activities, people and … Read more

Simple clear communication

Attentiveness is critical for not just good managers and leaders but all men and women of good character. Lack of attentiveness is fast becoming commonplace. We seem to be living in constant state of distraction. No one person or task gets our full attention these days: reading emails while on … Read more