Father’s Day 2022

There are few pursuits more purposeful and important than the call to fatherhood, for those blessed with that calling.
A good father shapes not just the generation he’s responsible for but many that follow.

Whilst worldly affections such as money, career, status, fame, importance, social standing and influence can be an intoxicating addiction, the silent needs of our children and their quiet cries must never be ignored.

Kids don’t care what car we drive, how much we earn, or where we sit on the organisation chart at work, they just want us to be fully present in their lives.

The critical moments are when they are young and genuinely need us for a short but fleeting term. Before they can fend for themselves and no longer need us as much.

Being a father is the only vocation, career and job that one must never find himself failing, sacked, redundant or replaced!!

For we are always replaceable at work but never at home.

And it’s quality time at work and quantity time at home.

Here’s a book I wrote for my eldest son – you can download the PDF and read it to your children on this Father’s Day.

Maybe, in the end, we really, truly, genuinely, only have One Job!!!