9 Questions to ask of your organisation on a regular basis…

If we started from scratch today…

…would we be doing what we are doing now?
…would we have the same people as we do now?
…are we happy with how we go about doing what we do?

These are all good questions to ask ourselves frequently. And there’s no better time to do so than at the start of a new year.

When we ask our clients these questions, we often experience inflection points in their strategy, people, and performance.

The greatest cost we pay is often the opportunity cost of something more important. This is where strategic abandonment becomes a vital consideration. What should we stop doing or do less of? What should we start doing or do more of?

Do we have people on the team that we would not hire again? If so, why are they still on the team? Would the team be better without them?

Most importantly, how are we getting things done? Are we placing achieving outcomes over our ’true north’? How would we like to be remembered?

Following are nine questions that may start conversations, reflections even decisions in your organisation.


  1. Does the changing environment require us to revisit our fundamentals?
    – Is our WHY still compelling? Is it still valid? Who is our customer? Who is our non-customer?
  2. Has our competitive advantage, comparative competence, expertise, core contribution changed?
    – What are we better at than those around us? Are we doing what we are good at?
  3. How do we create value? What gap do we fill? What problem do we solve? What pain do we take away? What gain do we provide?
    – What does the customer value? Are there things we should stop doing? Start doing? Do less of? Do more of?


  4. Are our behaviours aligned to our values?
    – Who’s not on the bus? If we started from scratch today who would we not have on the team? Why are they still on the team?
  5. Are our people playing to their strengths?
    – Are we providing the appropriate support structures for their weaknesses? Do we have people in the right seats on the bus?
  6. Contribution to purpose?
    – Do our people know the role they play in our success? Are they engaged in the organisation? Are we satisfying their needs: reward, recognition, voice, choice, learning & legacy?


  7. Does everyone have the information and systems do their job?
    – Do they understand what success looks like if they do their job well?
  8. Are the people and teams empowered to do their job?
    – Do they have the necessary resources?
  9. Do we have the right indicators and controls in place?
    – How do we measure success? Qualitative & Quantitative? What time frames? At what cost?